Bad Translations

I have started collecting some bad translations that I have come across.These ones are particularly funny.


8/8/2012: A drain snake. "Appliance Pipeline Dredging Device (serial articles of advanced kitchen bathroom)" (Submitted by Christopher Poole):


8/7/2012: For a car sticker from spain, made in China (Submitted by Ian Shaw):

This product is made of acry. reflexing when lighting during might time, caused by two colors, that arouse attention and. Raise safety factor.Used
fit for car or any place in which need to arouse attention.
Stick ing method
take out the back tape, and cloarly push it on to the right position.
Before sticking complectly clean off wax and dust on a sticked surface
Dont stick on a steped or curved place as, possible.

8/11/2007: "tian cheng stationery be succeeded on honesty, tian cheng stationery must be the best!"


8/11/2007: A miniature knife. "Friendship is a golden cherished above all life's treasures."


8/11/2007: "Empty bottle of journey."


8/11/2007: Lobas turkish dessert. A "natural aphrodisiac."

"Nutrition Useful: Its rich with the protein, fat, B vitaminphosphorus and potassium. It affected as a blood maker, and nutritive forebrain cells. It reduce the cronerheart diseases and cancer risk, because containing of E vitamins, unsaturated fat and flovanoids. Its perfect source of energy."

"Stare in a coll dry place away from strong light & odours."

"Production is appropriate to Turkish food codex."

"You can keep it in deep freezer."


1/5/2007: Sprite bomb. (Submitted by Hector Urtubia)

  • "Hard thew to the ground, only."
  • "Can not eat."
  • "Cool place, keep away from the fire."
  • "For ages 8 and up."


    9/5/2006: A sign from Peru. (Submitted by Hector Urtubia)

    "friend proves our variety of pizzas prepared in firewood furnace... enters to the bottom..."


    9/5/2006: A menu from Bolivia. "Weed Bread." (Submitted by Hector Urtubia)


    9/2/2006: A miniature iron.

    "Special Brief news:
    The mirror, dealt with special static electricity & dustproof, sparking & durable luster, no transform, no fade, waterproof and out oil. Small volume, Pedestal Max Temp: 200 C No corner with collar and cuff. The power & iron body, adopted split design, with out space restriction. Heating all over the pedestal, using area isn't inferior to the large. Carrying it conveniently. Voltage range: 220V/110V."

    Do not touch the bottom when using it.
    Cool down the iron before hiding.
    Do not put it on the desk or glass directly when using it.
    It is not allowed to power on the iron over 30 minutes,
    since those excess heat is adequate for 10 minutes."


    9/2/2006: A CDROM case. "High-Class Marsupial of CDROM." From Chinatown in San Francisco, California.


    9/2/2006: Parasite Pals. From Chinatown in San Francisco, California.

    "Here is the girl with small friends of life present for always. Some irritation she finds with them, but much fun and love is to be shared!"

    "Dig Dig Head Louse is a bossy friend. He is always working with building things. He lives on Holly's head and gives much itching."


    9/2/2006: A bottlecap. "Beward of Sharp Edge Open." I found it in a river in Ashland, Oregon.


    I welcome your own submissions.

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